Sunday, 14 August 2016

Review : Elegant Touch False Nails : 143

I am going to be a bridesmaid for my friend this week and initially intended to go to the nail shop and sit awkwardly whilst inhaling acetone and wondering if I can borrow a mask. But then I saw on HotUKDeals (a deal site and app that I would highly recommend to you thrifty mamas) that Poundworld was selling Elegant Touch nails for, you guessed it, a pound! Being as we are due to go on holiday (see previous post) I thought I would save some pennies and give these a try.

I have quite small hands and nails so I bought the XS size which still carried a good variety in the pack (10 different sizes, 24 nails total). I used the style 143 Fench Manicure - American Pink, this has the classic French tip and the nail has a mild pink tone but matches my real nail well. Due to the XS size the tip isn't too long, so although they don't look real (obvs!) they aren't ridiculously long and false looking.
The pack includes the nails, the glue and nail file so you can shape the nail and shorten it if desired. The nails have a tab on the end for easy application and are a doddle to apply. The nails fit comfortably on the finger and once on they feel secure. 

So far I am really happy with these nails and pretty pleased to have saved £20+ by not going to a shop, plus I know my nails won't be as wrecked as they would be by acrylics! I will update this post about wear and tear once I know more! 

Planning a holiday with a toddler in 15 easy steps

1. Starts with a lovely idea : a bit of fun in the sun.
2. He will like a bit of swimming
3. Swimming will tire him out 
4. ... Then it's cocktail o'clock
5. What's the minimum age for the kids club?
6. He could look older, maybe add a fake moustache 
7. Two weeks to go, must do washing and ironing
8. One week to go, must do washing and ironing
9. Two days to go, they would just get creased in the suitcase anyway
10. Really can't be bothered to pack, hmm.. What's on YouTube, I can watch whilst I pack
11. Shit, it's been three hours and Zoella hadn't helped me in the slightest (rude!)
12. Why did I book a holiday again?
13. What a stupid time for a flight
14. Please don't cry/poo/run around on the plane 
15. Fuck it, shall we just stay home? 

Monday, 30 May 2016

A Grand Day Out : Chatham Dockyard : Update

Nearly a year ago we visited Chatham Dockyards and included in the price is a year pass which we have used on many occasions. We hadn't been in a little while and decided to come today as it was due to expire. Truth be told we thought we had seen all there was to see (read - boats and trains, oh my!). Well, in our absence they have had a bit of a refurb, and brought some freshness back into the place.

The first change we noticed was the introduction of a new outdoor playground. It seemed aimed at older kids than Tom but was still generally toddler friendly! The style was nautical (of course!) and looks really great, it even has a water activity. 

The next big change was a new dining area. The cafe with the soft play area is still available on site but there is now a new light and airy cafe which looks amazing. Prices remain a bit high but the food is good so you can't really complain! 

The last new section that we explored was an interactive exhibition looking at different jobs of the boat builder people (wasn't really concentrating at this point - too busy playing!). I really enjoyed playing with the activities and Tom especially enjoyed the green screen and hammering the rope. 

We spent the rest of the day looking at the ships and trains. Tom has enjoyed the  Dockyard throughout the year and I have enjoyed going there through the year. If you are looking for a fun and educational day out then I would recommend Chatham Dockyards! 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Life Update

Have you ever felt like you are trying to do everything but you aren't doing anything properly as you don't have enough time? That's me... All the time.
I've been feeling this way for a while, like something as to give. Between being a mum, working, being a student, running a house, blogging and slimming world, I'm not left with much time, something had to give.
I realise I've been blogging less, fewer OOTDs on Instagram, less videos on YouTube. I'm by no means a professional blogger (flippin far from it). But I have a sense of obligation that I've started something and I must honour that. I have a bit of a plan.
My intention is to scale back, to be honest my content is currently a bit sparse anyway, but no more OOTD everyday on Instagram and no more bloggers guilt. I will post when I want and what I find interesting. As viewers you probably won't really notice a difference in frequency but I will notice a difference in the pressure I am putting on myself.
In the list of priorities, this has to move down. 
I started blogging because I spent my parent life having to Google snippets of information and try and put it together to fit me, I wanted it in one place to make it easier on the next crazy mama looking for hope. This is what I want to get back to. Less feeling worried about what people think of my content or my stats. Just me, googling away, sharing the mama love. 
Hope this makes some resemblance of sense! 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Brand Review : Tesco F+F

I was perusing Mother & Baby magazine when I saw a cute jumper from Tesco, so I hopped over to the website to look at the delights they have for spring for toddler boys, and boy was I not disappointed! 


Twin set - £10
Blue chino shorts - £6
I think both prices are very reasonable. And I like that the blue is so fresh and summery! I like the little sharks on the top blue pair as a cute detail and I think the length would be good, nobody wants a toddler in hot pants! 


Jeans - £5
I like cuffed jeans, they are especially good if your toddler is growing into a size, I can't be the only mama who is sick of turning up trousers! And I imagine the jersey is nice against their tummies! 


Camper van - £6
Thunderbirds - £5
The camper van top reminded me of Boden/Joules style, but for a fraction of the price! The print is nice and summery, this would be a good holiday top! 
The Thunderbirds top is really cool! I like the vintage style and it just looks fun! Tom and Mr B watch thunderbirds together and so of course I would like this! 

Tops & Shirts

Striped Top - £4
Shirt - £5
I like the stripe top as it was giving me 70s, Little Bird vibes and I am really feeling that at the moment! I want to pair it with Toms brown cords! But it would also really work with jeans, and would suit the crappy British weather. 
This shirt is so cool! It's pattern is a treasure map, I just instantly loved it! I think this would be good for a BBQ or afternoon party. 

The Best Hoody in the World ...Ever

Hoody- £10
So cool, right! Tom has the Buzz Lightyear LighterLife reigns and I really want this to match! I think it is just so cute! To be honest I kinda want it for me! 

And that's all! I hope you enjoyed the post, I really enjoyed looking through the website and would strongly encourage you to have a look. Tesco have really reasonable prices, with good quality and fresh designs! 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

So I started Slimming World ...

I thought I would post to talk about Slimming World. I've done it for a week and a half so I am by no means settled in! But I guess I wanted to blog my in going experience.

I decided I wanted to diet for 3 reasons :
1. Tom is a really active child I never want to say no to things like going to the park because of my weight.
2. I have 5 weddings over the next two years! That's a flippin lot! And the last one I am maid of Honour so I really want to look my best for me and the bride. 
3. I can feel my weight. It seems a bit weird but last year I was around a stone lighter die to breastfeeding and being very active, as my weight has crept on I have been so much more aware of it.

So I decided it was time! And at 6am the night before I went and joined I couldn't sleep with nerves and excitement and wrote this :
Feeling quite nervous, nervous enough that up been up since four. But also excited! Excited enough that I've been up since four pinning recipes and writing a shopping list. I feel excited that I could actually loose weight, but scared that what if I don't? What if it doesn't work for me? What if I end up weighing 50 stone and wearing tents?! All the normal fears. But what if it does? What if I can be slim at my besties wedding? What if I can be a good example to Tom? What if I didn't have chub rub? The possibilities are endless!

So I went, and I got all my info and everyone was super friendly, and I realised that I could actually do this! We set my first target for loosing 10% of my body weight as there are numerous health benefits to this figure. And this is what I ate :

This is just a small selection and I can honestly say I am pretty impressed at the variety of 'free foods' you can eat. I have realised that my diet was a heavy on the bread and cheese before starting Slimming World, I am not missing sweet things but could punch someone for a greasy slice of pizza!! 

I have been going to Slimming World for a week and a half and in my first week I lost 5lbs! I will try to do regular posts/videos about further progress! 

Tropical Wings : A Grand Day Out

We visited tropical wings over half term but really it's been a year in the making! Ever since a friend told me about Tropical Wings I have wanted to take Tom! Based in Essex it was a little further to travel than we would usually go but I can say it was totally worth it! I will state that I am a zoo/farm lover so they had a head start in my affections! 
The zoo offers a soft play area, a cafe, shop, farm area, meerkats, and a tropical butterfly area ... I wonder where the name comes from! 

You start by looking at a selection of unusual birds with a goat in the middle! It was a nice start and I really enjoyed the birds but Tom was far more interested in the goat! 

You then get to go on and look at lots of different animals including an awesome monkey enclosure. In Tom's world this did not compare to the ride on motorised tractors, at £1 a turn this was a massive highlight for Tom, I will be honest I had a turn too and it was quite fun! 

Next up were the wallabies and Patagonian mara enclosure. This was absolutely brilliant! The fence is very low so you are really in with them, it was great for Tom to see the animals so up close and personal.

After this we saw otters. I absolutely loved the otters and it was possibly my favourite part! They were cuddling and kissing and making their funny little noises! So adorable and Tom spent quite a long time looking at and copying them. 

We then visited the farm area, Tom liked the pigs and was making Peppa noises, there was also another 'open farm area' with goats but I found it a bit hard to stop Tom climbing in! The part I really like with this was there were chickens roaming around and Tom liked to chase them! It was really funny! And he got quite close to catching dinner! 

We then timed it so we got to see the meerkat feeding. I would totally recommend this as we got to be really up close and see some of the little baby ones too! It was a well put together show, during which everyone had a good look. 

We did visit the cafe for lunch, I would recommend going early as it got very busy by the time we left. The food was nice, fairly simple, sandwiches, jacket potatos, etc. And the prices were also pretty average for a captive audience. There are also plenty of spaces around for picnics both inside and out which is always a welcome sight! 

Last but certainly not least, the butterfly enclosure! This is immense, it's kept at a very warm temperature so be prepared to carry your coat! There are butterflies flying everywhere and sometimes even landing on you! All different sizes, colours and types, it is so beautiful, I don't know if you could go and not be awed by the beauty of them! 

There was a stunning blue one that I just couldn't get a picture of but when you see you will know! It's massive! 

So did we enjoy our day? Heck yeah!
Will we go back? I can't wait! 
If you are looking for a nice day for the whole family then this is the place to go!

This is not a sponsored post.